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Updated: Jun 16

We don't legislate emergent technologies into existence. We almost never do. They just emerge, dragged forth by Adam Smith's invisible hand. Then we have to see what people are actually going to do with them, and try to legislate to take account of that.

Indeed, that's what #InformationTechnologylaw is. This is perhaps the hottest and most in-demand branch of the legal profession nowadays. You may not have heard of it, but Technology Law helps keep your personal information safe and forestall cyber threats and attacks. Information Technology (IT) has permeated almost all professional, commercial, and industrial activities. Most organizations would find it difficult, if not impossible, to function without relying heavily on these technologies. It may also soon provide answers to some of the biggest questions of the modern world, such as the ownership of the works created by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or responsibility for the functioning and malfunctioning of the robotic technologies.

Likewise, an understanding of the legal issues involved remains fundamentally important to people and organizations involved in #IT and only with such knowledge, they will be able to successfully address the challenges posed by the development and the use of such technologies. This blog aims to bridge the gap between law and #IT. We will highlight six particularly important areas that #IT law covers: intellectual property, computer contracts, electronic contracts and torts, criminal law, data protection law, and IT's professional, social, and ethical aspects.

We hope you enjoy reading about trends in the field and that you allow your brain to explore the depths of it by using your #intellecto.

Welcome, and enjoy it.


By Naveenta

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